Who are Collectimize?

Collectimize was founded in 2021 to disrupt the traditional markets of collectible coins and make them more accessible and affordable. Formed as a partnership between two lifelong collectors and professional numismatists who together also run a successful gold coin retail business. For too long has the coin collecting hobby (numismatics) been dominated by an elite, a high-price barrier to entry coupled with frequent tabloid misinformation - no, a Peter Rabbit fifty pence will not cost you £300!, we feel the time is right for a fresh, modern and affordable approach to revolutionise this ancient hobby*. 

100% handmade soap bar

Our approach to retail is this, we sell only one coin each month. Why just one coin? Well what we offer is a “coin of the month” with a new coin for each and every month, this will be either new releases or thematic to the month or season we are in. Offering this one coin per month allows us to buy huge quantities of this coin at very competitive prices and this allows us to pass these savings on to you, the collector. * Yes, coin collecting is an ancient hobby, Pope Boniface VIII, Emperor Maximilian of the Holy Roman Empire and King Louis XIV of France were all keen coin collectors, giving credence to coin collecting being referred to as “the hobby of kings”.