Each month Collectimize promotes and retails a coin of the month. These coins, all issued by the British Royal Mint, are often themed to coincide with important British and World events such as Royal weddings and anniversaries, celebrations of famous contributors to British culture such as musicians, inventors, literary characters and their authors and television shows. Below is the archive of Collectimize's past coins of month. On occasion we do keep a surplus inventory of these coins so please use the 'contact us' button to enquire about their availability.  

February 2022

Alexander Graham Bell

Minted to commemorate the centenary year of the death of Alexander Graham Bell in 2022. This Scottish born engineer, inventor and scientist is credited with patenting the first practical telephone. It is this famous invention which makes up the reverse design on this attractive two pound coin, a telephone keypad with PIONEER OF THE TELEPHONE 1847 - 1922 on the keys. 

January 2022

Mr Men Mr Happy Five Pounds

First gracing the pages of children's books in 1971, a response to a child's question - what does a tickle like? The Mr Men and Little Miss series of books spawned a popular television show in 1974 and went on to feature over 90 characters. This £5 coin features Mr Happy, one of the original and most loved characters of this iconic series. 

December 2021

The Snowman Fifty Pence

One of the many great Christmas traditions is watching Raymond Biggs' The Snowman. This iconic television film adapted from Biggs' book of the same title. First aired in 1982 and aired almost every year since is now engrained in British Christmas culture. in 2018 the Royal Mint struck the first Snowman coins, another tradition which is celebrated every year. 

November 2021

Mahatma Ghandi Five Pounds

Celebrating the life of Mahatma Gandhi, this is the first time Mahatma Gandhi has been celebrated on a British coin. The reverse features an image of a lotus, the national flower of India, which symbolises Gandhi’s gentle strength, and ‘My life is my message’ one of Gandhi's most famous quotes.

October 2021

Alice in Wonderland Five Pounds

Representing the first time the imaginative narrative Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been celebrated on a British coin. Minted almost 160 years after Lewis Carroll's work of nonsensical genius was first published, and the reverse features one of Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations in colour.

September 2021

250th Anniversary of Sir Walter Scott's Birth 

Sir Walter Scott, this writer born August 15, 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a famed novelist, historian, poet and biographer is considered both the inventor and the greatest practitioner of the historical novel.